Yashyizweho kuri 5 June, 2017 | 11:32

Media and Policy Making in Rwanda: Findings from a survey

71.2% of all stories published in newspapers or broadcasted in radio shows and TV comes from government officials. Most of them picked up at press conferences and workshops. The picture the survey "Media and Policymaking in Rwanda” gives of the investigative skills and opportunities of the media in Rwanda is rather watery.

PAX PRESS, the Rwandan journalist network, with financial support of Norwegian Aid People (NPA) commissioned the survey which will set a new ground for the future of journalism in Rwanda. The survey was conducted by a researching team of MGC Consult International at the end of 2016 to find out if and to what extent media in Rwanda influence public policy processes. The results of the survey built the foundation for a vivid discussion with stakeholders from ministries, local authorities, civil society organizations, media houses and donor community during the launch of the survey on Friday 26 May 2017.

Furthermore, the findings and recommendations will hopefully kick start a fruitful process on how media can influence policymaking more effectively in the future.

Media and Policy Making in Rwanda: Findings from a survey.


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